(Japan)Soy Meat dryed Mince 100g
(Japan)Soy Meat dryed Mince 100g

(Japan)Soy Meat dryed Mince 100g

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Soya,soymeat,meat,mince, Prant mince, Prant , Plant based ,protein,Soyabean Chunks,

Product Code : 90639
Ingredients : Solvent degreased soybeans (not genetically modified), soy sauce, (some include wheat and soybeans)
Country of Origin : Japan
How to Store : Please store away from direct sunshine, high temperature and high humidity.

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Plant-derived "soy meat" dried type.
It has a texture and a satisfying taste, and can be used for various cooking depending on the dish.
For tacos and veggie meatloaf etc....
Please enjoy it to your liking.

· Cholesterol-free and high in protein
· Plenty of dietary fiber
· Easy to eat soybean nutrition
-With a sealed zipper, you can use only the required amount and store the rest.
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(DAIZU RABO)Soy Meat dryed Mince 100g
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How to use soy meat
"Soak" or "boil" in hot water * Please drain the water with a colander.
Minced type Fillet type Block type
Soak boil Soak boil Soak boil
3min 1min 5min 3min 8min 5min
Weight when 30g is boiled
30g/ 1min→About 120g 30g/ 5min→About 90g 30g/ 5min→About 80g
(90639) marukome (DAIZU RABO) Soy Meat dryed Mince 100g(Soy meat / Soy protein)
Nutrition information (per100g)
Calorie :325kcal
Protein :50.0g
Lipids :2.7g
Cholesterol: 0 mg
Carbohydrate :33.5g(carbohydrate17.0g/dietary fiber16.5g)
Salt equivalent:0.0g
Allergy Information (out of 28 items) : Wheat, soybeans

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