(Japan) Vegetarian Ramen (Miso Noodle) 100g ---[Check] Expiration Date
(Japan) Vegetarian Ramen (Miso Noodle) 100g ---[Check] Expiration Date

(Japan) Vegetarian Ramen (Miso Noodle) 100g ---[Check] Expiration Date

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Product Code : 90327
Ingredients : *See the comments section.
Country of Origin : Japan
How to Store : Please store away from direct sunshine, high temperature and high humidity
Expiry : 2021-11-16

100% vegetarian ramen.
only plant based raw materials used.Miso(Japanese soy bean paste) flavor.
vegetable oil  used.

Ingredients : Fried noodles (wheat flour, vegetable oil (palm oil, sesame oil), potato starch, wheat protein, salt), powdered miso, salt, powdered soy sauce, maple sugar, yeast extract, spice, shiitake extract, fermented seasoning, vegetable extract, Kelp powder, malt extract, sesame oil, menma powder (including soybeans as part of the raw materials)

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(90327)(Sakurai syokuhin) Vegetarian Ramen (Miso) 100g
Nutrition information (per 1pkt)
Calorie : 518kcal
Protein : 10.0g
Lipids : 29.5g
Carbohydrate : 53g
Salt equivalent : 3.8g(noodle 0.7g/soup 3.1g)

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