(Lal Quilla) Basmati Rice  5kg (India)
(Lal Quilla) Basmati Rice  5kg (India)

(Lal Quilla) Basmati Rice 5kg (India)

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Basmati Rice Lalquilla,Basmati Rice,Indian grocery,

Product Code : 20001
Ingredients : Rice
Country of Origin : India
How to Store : Please store away from direct sunshine, high temperature and high humidity

Basmati Rice Lalquilla is known worldwide for its pure and fragrant Basmati Rice. Like a fine wine, Pure Basmati Rice cannot be created artificially. It is tended and harvested by hand in an area with unique soil and climatic characteristics that give the rice its exquisitely delicate aroma, texture and taste. Its distinct taste and fluffy grains are used ideally everyday in pulaos and biryanis.
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(20001) Basmati Rice Lalquilla 5kg (India)

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