(Ambika) Peppermint Leaves 100g
(Ambika) Peppermint Leaves 100g(Ambika) Peppermint Leaves 100g

(Ambika) Peppermint Leaves 100g

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Product Code : 12052
Ingredients : Peppermint Leave
Country of Origin : Egypt
How to Store : Please store away from direct sunshine, high temperature and high humidity

"Mint leaf" that is dried with a refreshing scent . Since it is dry mint, it is less peculiar than raw mint and can be stored for a long time at room temperature, so it can be used anytime, so it is really convenient when raw mint is not available! It is also a nice item to use a lot.

In the hot season or pollen allergic season, you can put it in boiling water to make "mint tea" or "mint water" and drink it for a refreshing feeling. You can enjoy both the taste and the aroma, so you can enjoy it even if you put it in "raw spring rolls" .

Sprinkle with lemon juice on grilled herbs and salads "as if using dried parsley", or on light soba noodles like "Vietnamese pho". You can enjoy it refreshingly with the scent of mint and the acidity of lemon.

Mint is the same Labiatae herb as basil, so it matches well with dishes that usually use basil. Sprinkle on drained yogurt or cheese with olive oil and salt, or mix with dressing. It goes well with tomatoes and is delicious with cold pasta and soup .

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[Ambika staff recommended tricks] When
you put it in a tea pack and float it in the bath, a refreshing scent and a refreshing feeling spread in the bathroom. Recommended for refreshing. Luxury that can be done because it contains plenty ?

Easy mini recipe  1 “Mint sauce”
Season yogurt with salt and spices of your choice such as cumin and hing, add plenty of dry mint and mix. It can be used as a substitute without raw mint. In India, it is indispensable for samosas and pakora .

Easy mini recipe  2 “Mint tea”
Pour hot water as it is to make herbal tea. You can also enjoy it as a flavored tea by adding a spoonful to your usual black tea .

Easy mini recipe  3 “Raw spring roll”
Just roll in with the ingredients. It is easier to use than raw leaf.

 Easy mini recipe 4 “Raita (Indian yogurt salad)”
Add mint and garlic to unsweetened yogurt, mix and season with salt and pepper . Add to the diced cucumber and it's done.

Easy mini recipe  5 “Wakame seaweed and soy milk mint soup”
Add soy milk to commercially available seaweed soup and top with plenty of mint and sesame oil. Even if it is chilled in summer.
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(12052)(Ambika)Peppermint Leaves 100g

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