Garlic Paste 1kg
Garlic Paste 1kgGarlic Paste 1kg

Garlic Paste 1kg

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Product Code : 11029
Ingredients : Garlic, salt, pH adjusting agents, seasoning (such as amino acids), thickener (xanthan gum)
Country of Origin : China
How to Store : After opening, please keep in the refrigerator.

This bitter and pungent spice is used in dishes throughout the world. This paste are a great substitute when fresh Garlic is unavailable. It can ease digestion, lower cholesterol, promote high metabolism, flush toxins, and help relieve acme, ear aches and asthma.

(RAJ)Indian Garlic Paste 1Kg  NEW!
(RAJ)Indian Ginger Paste 1Kg NEW!

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Garlic Paste 1kg
(11029)Garlic Paste 1kg

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