(Belkis) Sunflower Oil 1lt
(Belkis) Sunflower Oil 1lt

(Belkis) Sunflower Oil 1lt

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Sunflower oil, Surajmukhi tel, belkis

Product Code : 22018
Ingredients : Sunflower seed
Country of Origin : Turkey
How to Store : Please store away from direct sunshine, high temperature and high humidity.

Sunflower oil, also known as Surajmukhi tel in Hindi. It is a non volatile oil extracted from the seeds of sunflowers. 
(Belkis) Sunflower Oil 1lt
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(22018)(Belkis) Sunflower Oil 1lt
Calorie : 900kcal
Protein : 0g
Lipids : 0g
Carbohydrate : 87.5-91.2g
Salt equivalent : 0g

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