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    Questions frequently asked by our customers are answered here. If you have a question and enquiry not listed below, please enquire using the “Contact Us” page. We will do our best to respond quickly to the contact address provided, but depending on the enquiry details, we may not have an answer in some cases, or it may take a few days for us to find the correct response. We appreciate your understanding.

    Enquiries regarding customer registration information
    Enquiries regarding delivery/delivery charges
    Enquiries regarding payment
    Enquiries regarding product purchase

    Enquiries regarding customer registration information

    Q. I forgot my user ID or password.

    A. Click [Forgot User ID or Password] and follow the steps below to retrieve your user ID or password.
    • Forgot User ID
    1) Input your registered Email ID and Current Password and then click on [Send] button.
    2) If input details are correct then you will receive one email containing your user ID details to your registered email address.
    • Forgot Password
    1) Input your registered Email ID and then click on [Send] button.
    2) If input details are correct then you will receive an e-mail containing a link for generate new password to your registered email address. The link will be valid for only 24 hours from request.
    3) Then open the mail and click the URL which is provided in the email to generate new password.
    * If you do not receive any email within 24 hours then please "Contact Us".
    * If you forgot both user ID and password then please “register new account”.


    Q. How do I create a new account?

    A. To create new account, click the [Account info] menu to display your “Account Information” page. On the account information page, enter the required information, including your name and delivery destination.


    Q. How do I change my registered information (telephone number, address, e-mail address, etc.)?

    A.You can change your registered information at any time. After logging in, enter the information you wish to change in the displayed “User Registration Information”, then click the [OK] button. The newly registered information will be updated.


    Q. How do I cancel my user registration?

    A. Please send an e-mail requesting cancellation, including your [Name], [User ID], and [Password], to [email protected]After confirmation of your e-mail, your user registration will be promptly cancelled. Please note that once your user registration is cancelled, you can no longer use your [User ID] and [Password].


    Ambika Corporation


    Ambika House, 3-19-2 Kuramae, Taito-ku, Tokyo, 111-0051 Japan

      Mail:[email protected]
    Enquiries regarding delivery and delivery charges

    Q. Why is my order delivered separately as regular parcel and chilled parcel?

    A. To ensure freshness and the best taste, when refrigerated/frozen products are ordered at the same time as items which can be delivered as regular parcel, these items will be delivered separately.


    Q. Why am I billed separately for regular parcel and chilled parcel?

    A. When refrigerated/frozen products are ordered at the same time as items which can be delivered as regular parcel, these items will be delivered separately. And the delivery charges are billed accordingly.


    Q. To receive free delivery, how much do I need to purchase?

    A. Purchases of 5,999 yen (including tax) or more are delivered “free of charge” for general products and Purchases of 4,999 yen (including tax) or more are delivered “free of charge” for frozen products except Okinawa prefecture. Since chilled parcel (refrigerated/frozen products) and regular parcel are billed separately, the purchase amount of each, rather than the total amount of both purchases, must be 5,999 yen (including tax) for general products and 4,999 yen (including tax) for frozen products or more except Okinawa prefecture. There is a compulsory delivery charge applicable for Okinawa prefecture.


    Q. How much are delivery charges and days?

    A. Please refer to the rates below. Charges include consumption tax. The cash-on-delivery collection fee is applicable for “Cash on Delivery” payments. There is no collection fee for “Credit Card” payments.

    Delivery area Delivery charges Days for Delivery
    Aichi-ken¥8801 Day
    Akita-ken¥8802 Days
    Aomori-ken¥8802 Days
    Chiba-ken¥8801 Day
    Ehime-ken¥1,2652 Days
    Fukui-ken¥8801 Day
    Fukuoka-ken¥1,3962 Days
    Fukushima-ken¥8801 Day
    Gifu-ken¥8801 Day
    Gunma-ken¥8801 Day
    Hiroshima-ken¥1,2102 Days
    Hokkai-do¥1,3962 Days
    Hyogo-ken¥8801 Day
    Ibaraki-ken¥8801 Day
    Ishikawa-ken¥8801 Day
    Iwate-ken¥8802 Days
    Kagawa-ken¥1,2652 Days
    Kagoshima-ken¥1,3962 Days
    Kanagawa-ken¥8801 Day
    Kouchi-ken¥1,2652 Days
    Kumamoto-ken¥1,3962 Days
    Kyoto-fu¥8801 Day
    Mie-ken¥8801 Day
    Miyagi-ken¥8801 Day
    Miyazaki-ken¥1,3962 Days
    Nagano-ken¥8801 Day
    Nagasaki-ken¥1,3962 Days
    Nara-ken¥8801 Day
    Niigata-ken¥8801 Day
    Okayama-ken¥1,2102 Days
    Okinawa-ken¥4,1582 Days
    Ooita-ken¥1,3962 Days
    Osaka-fu¥8801 Day
    Saga-ken¥1,3962 Days
    Saitama-ken¥8801 Day
    Shiga-ken¥8801 Day
    Shimane-ken¥1,2102 Days
    Shizuoka-ken¥8801 Day
    Tochigi-ken¥8801 Day
    Tokushima-ken¥1,2652 Days
    Tokyo-to¥8801 Day
    Tottori-ken¥1,2102 Days
    Toyama-ken¥8801 Day
    Wakayama-ken¥8802 Days
    Yamagata-ken¥8801 Day
    Yamaguchi-ken¥1,2102 Days
    Yamanashi-ken¥8801 Day
    Other Island      

    Q. The packaging material used for my purchased products was not clean.

    A. As one of our eco-activities, we promote re-use of packaging materials (cardboard boxes, paper bags, etc.) when shipping purchased products. Some packaging material may not look perfectly new, but we have paid careful attention to remove any unclean or unsanitary material, etc. Please be assured that the quality and freshness of the product itself has not been affected. We appreciate your understanding and cooperation in this matter.

    Enquiries regarding payment

    Q. How can I pay for my purchases?

    A. Currently we accept “Cash on Delivery” and Credit Card (using PayPal) payments. If you choose “Cash on Delivery”, then please pay for your purchase directly to the delivery driver.
    Credit Card Payment System: First choose your preferred payment method from confirmation page, after click on “confirm order” button, it will redirect you to the PayPal’s website to make payment. Please enter your credit card information on that and proceed for payment. After successful of payment, it will redirect to our website and will show you the order number and payment transaction number order tracking.

    Enquiries regarding product purchase

    Q. How can I purchase a product?

    A. It is easy. Follow these following steps.


    Just like shopping at a supermarket, when you find a product you want, click the [Add to Cart] button and follow the purchase procedures. Shopping is easy!


    Q. What is the “Cart”?

    A. Your cart holds the products you would like to purchase. By checking your cart, you can check the name of the products you’ve added to the cart, quantity, cost, and order total, as well as add or delete items at any time. Feel free to place an item in your “Cart”, as you will not be billed until you check out.


    Q. How can I check or change an order description?

    A. You can check or change the order of a product, or its quantity from the “Order History” page, if the order status is in “Pending” stage. To change the quantity of a product, use the pull-down “Quantity” menu displayed on the right side of the product.
    To change the quantity, pull down [Quantity] button displayed on the right side of the product.
    To cancel an unwanted item, click the [Delete] button displayed on the right side of the product.


    Q. There are scratch marks on the packaging of my purchased product.

    A. All products from us are inspected according to the individual standards for imported foods, etc., as specified by the Food Sanitation Law, and have been approved for import and sale in Japan. While due care has been taken in the handling of the products, scratches or dents may have occurred during overseas and domestic transport. This is a common occurrence for imported products. However, be assured that this does not affect the quality or freshness of the product itself.


    Q. Can I return a product?

    A. In principle, we do not accept return or replacement of any products. However, with the exception in the event that you have received defective product or the delivered product differs from the order description, return or replacement will be accepted. Even in this case, we shall not accept any refund or replacement if product is once used by the customers, or damaged or dirt made by the customers’ responsibility.


    Q. How do I return or replace a product?

    A. If the case meets the definition of the above conditions,
    1) Replacement or refund request is received by the company at [email protected] within 2 days of delivery (regarding perishable products, such fresh food as listed below, a request is received by the company within 1 day after delivery) of the product. We shall not accept any refund or replacement after the above mentioned period.
    2) Replacement or refund of perishable products will only be attempted one time.
    3) Regarding shipping charges for replacement or refund shall be borne by the company. However, if the customer changes the delivery address from the purchasing time, shipping charge shall be borne by customers.


    Free shipping

    Order above ¥5,999 for general items
    Order above ¥4,999 for frozen items