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  • Ambika 20th Anniversary Specific Year Campaign

    【26th of every month is a Double Point Day!】

    Ambika Trading Company has welcomed its 20th anniversary on August 26th, 2018.
    To express our deep appreciation to our customers, we are giving double points on the 26th of every month, for the orders placed on the day!

    【Campaign’s coverage】Purchase placed on 26th of every month (※Valid until July 2019)

    Usually we give 1 point for every 100yen purchase. During the campaign period, we make it double, giving 2 points for every 100yen purchase!

    Points earned can be used for shopping on Ambika Online Shop, 1 point as 1 yen. Take advantage of this opportunity to earn more points and enjoy shopping even more!

    ※ Only the orders placed on 26th of every month, by 23:59 will apply to this campaign.
    ※ Points earned can be checked on order confirmation mail or my account.
    ※ Points can be used after 5 days from the day they are acquired as usual.
    ※ This campaign content and condition may be changed anytime without notice in advance. We appreciate your understanding.

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